Ashton’s Ultimate Cheese Board

Ashton’s Ultimate Cheese Board
Serves 6-8

This cheeseboard is all my favorite things on one large platter. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, use what you might already have on hand (preserves in your pantry!?) or garnish with herbs or flowers from your garden. Have fun and drink wine… it helps enhance the experience.

½ lb. Cabot clothbound cheddar
½ lb. soft triple cream brie
½ lb. bayley hazen or similar domestic blue cheese
1 bunch green grapes
1 bunch purple grapes
2 nectarines, peaches, citrus or persimmons depending on the season
1 honey comb
1 package seeded crackers
½ pint castelvetrano olives 
½ pint caper berries
½ pint marcona or regular almonds 
Edible Flowers
1 bunch rosemary or thyme

Place three pieces of cheese on opposites sides of the board. Place fruit next to each piece of cheese. Repeat for stone fruit of citrus. Place honeycomb. Layer in crackers. Place olives in capers in small bowls and nestle between cheeses. Pour in marconas or almonds. Tuck flowers and herbs to fill.


Ashton Keefe