Homemade Tortellini

Homemade Tortellini

Cut wonton wrappers with a biscuit cutter or the top of a glass, then dollop a scant tablespoon ricotta in the center of each + brush with water and seal.

Boil in salted water and dress with your favorite marinara and a sprinkle of pecorino.

For bonus points, see below’s homemade pasta dough (if you’re feeling ambitious!) and homemade ricotta (doubly ambitious, or simply a cheese lover).


Homemade Pasta
Serves 4, makes 1 lb.

3 1/2 cups flour
4 large eggs

Mound your flour on the board and create a well in the center, push the flour to all sides in a circular motion to create a wall that is 1-inch high. Your well should be wide enough to hold all of the wet ingredients without spilling.

Whisk together wet ingredients and add to the center of the well.

Begin incorporating some of the flour into the eggs by moving your fork in a circular motion. This will slowly pull flour into your wet mixture.

An even slow pace is key to avoiding lumps.  Use your pasty scraper to occasionally push flour into the eggs.

Eventually the mixture will become too thick to turn with your fork.  At this point begin incorporating the remaining flour with your pastry scraper.  Lift the flour up over the dough and cut it into the dough using the pastry scraper.

At this point the dough will appear rough.  Begin to knead the dough by pressing it in a forward motion using the heels of your hands. As you do this occasionally reform the dough into a ball and begin again.

Continue kneading until the dough develops elasticity – about 10 minutes.

Double wrap the dough in plastic wrap and allow it to rest for 30- 60 minutes.

Using the pasta machine, begin to sheet your dough in small portions on the widest possible setting.  Always keep your unused pasta wrapped tightly.  Fold the pasta in half, turn it a quarter turn and run it through the machine a second time, repeat two more times, but fold the piece of pasta lengthwise the last pass to insure a narrower product.  Now set the rollers down a degree and pass your pasta sheet.

Continue this process until you have achieved your desired thickness.


Fresh Ricotta Cheese
Makes 1 quart

Making cheese for me in like making ice cream, I find it relaxing and easier than you think. It’s one of those items you don’t think it possible to make – and then you do.

1 qt. whole milk
1 qt. heavy cream
2 tablespoons white wine vinegar       
Salt, to season

Line colander with heavy layer of cheesecloth. Bring milk to simmer over high heat and stir in vinegar. Let simmer for few minutes until curds form and remove from heat. Allow the mixture to rest for 20 minutes. Pour over the cheesecloth and allow the cheese to drain until desired texture is created. Season with salt.


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