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Tips for Tackling Weeknight Cooking

Weeknight cooking is all about having a plan, even if your plan is to have no plan at all. 

Many experts talk about shopping ahead for the week, getting your "menu"  outlined or even prepping for easy throw-in-a-pot/oven meals. What's fun about that? Where is the room for spontaneity? After all, we're women, isn't it inevitable that we're going to change our mind about what we want? Maybe 1000 times before we eat it and then 10 more times after we eat it. 

Also, what if that cute guy asks you out? You don't want to feel guilty about that piece of chicken in the fridge going bad ... not that you would ... 

Here are 5 tips for foodies tackling weeknight cooking. 

Define Your Culinary Revelry

The countdown is on to define your culinary revelry. 

Enjoy throwing big parties? Maybe you prefer picnics and outdoor dining? Dinner for two more manageable for you? Maybe you're just the girl to open the wine. No shame. 

In one week, with the launch of Lemon & Salt I can guarantee a few things ...

  • It will be affordable
  • It will be approachable
  • And I will be here every step of the way to help you define your idea of cooking and entertaining

Here are my tips for defining your culinary revelry and getting confident in the kitchen. 




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