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Sponsored Post: Discovering the 10 best distilleries in the U.S.

It’s no secret that small towns are the new big city. Packed with homegrown, farm-to-table and trendy items like homemade sausage, microbrews and mom-and-pop distilleries. Chefs and entrepreneurs are taking their small ideas and moving away from big cities to do things their way – and for half the money. Let’s just say, everyone has a “Brooklyn.” Therefore it’s no surprise that like Brooklyn, these small towns are doing one (well, two) things well above all else – food and beverage.

The Five Things You Need for Summer Entertaining

It's July, which can only mean one thing, SUMMER! Not only my favorite season for the obvious reasons (barbecues, cold drinks, sunshine and the beach) but it's the easiest time of the year to entertain - little fuss with maximum reward. I have the five items you need to help achieve a carefree and fun season of entertaining.




July 16: Southern Italian Cooking, Heirloom Kitchen, Oldbridge, NJ. Click here to sign up

July 22: Lobster Rolls! Kings Cooking Studio, Short Hills, NJ. Click here to sign up

July 24: Summer Rose & Grilling, 90 Acres Culinary Center, Gladstone, NJ. Click here to sign up

July 27 - 31, August 3 - 7 Summer Camps, Kings Cooking Studio, Short Hills, NJ. Click here for more information

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