An Even Skinnier Margarita

Ah, it's summer! Each season inspires it's own drinks, and summer is all about refreshing beverages. Rose, chilled white wine and of course, tequila. Instead of spending money on a prepacked "skinny" margarita mixture, here's a hint ... just buy really good tequila and a lime. And no, I'm not asking you to take shots. Here's one of my (refreshing) cocktails for summer that only requires three ingredients. No blender, no shaker and no special trip to the liquor store. It's so simple I can hardly call it a cocktail.

Blanco tequila is clean and soft with a light sweetness that sometimes contains notes of lemon or lime. Made from blue agave, the agave plants are meticulously cut, cooked and fermented. Unlike aged tequila, Blanco is bottles and immediately released.

Don Julio and Soda

1.5 oz. of Don Julio Blanco
3 oz. club soda or selzter
Large wedge of lime

Combine all ingredients, squeeze lime. Mix and enjoy.