Lemon & Salt: Simple Salads

Lemon & Salt: Simple Salads


My goal is for you not to need a recipe - or any cookbook for that matter. Admire the pictures, leaf through a few pages and find inspiration to create dishes that don’t require a recipe. Cooking is about being intuitive in the kitchen. Part trusting your gut, part using the ingredients as your guide.  

These recipes are all about salads because at the base of every good salad and salad dressing is the perfect balance of acid and salt. Or, as I like to say, lemon & salt. Why do salads always taste better when ordered at a restaurant? This is why.  

Go to the farmer’s market and explore what’s in season. Create salads
(and dishes) that have layers of flavor and texture. Combine seeds, fruit, nuts, cheese, vegetables and proteins to create depth in your dishes.  

And if it doesn’t take just right yet? Squeeze some lemon and sprinkle some salt. Trust me. 

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