classes & Demonstrations

Whether it's an intimate class for two or while cooking on television, Ashton’s passion for food is most apparent and accessible when she’s teaching. 

Ashton strives to instruct any student, beginner through advanced, how to feel more confident and skillful in the kitchen by sharing secrets chefs use at home.

Classes, topics and demos reflect Ashton’s mission to teach approachable and delicious recipes and techniques that inspire students to engage in the act of cooking and eating as a form of self-care, generosity and love.

"Bubbly, kind, and knowledgeable, Ashton constantly surprises us with the breadth of her skills, experience, and ability to make the most hesitant cook feel confident in the kitchen." - Alison Cayne, Owner of Haven's Kitchen

Sample Cooking Classes

All menus are individualized for clients. Dietary restrictions and preferences are discussed before confirming final menu.

To schedule a private class,
please connect with Ashton.

Vegetarian Flavors of Provence

French food isn’t all butter and pâté. This class will focus on classic French cooking techniques using market ingredients. Recipes include Ratatouille, Bouillabaisse, Salad Niçoise, Braised Leeks, French Spring Onion Tart and Artichokes Brandade.

M.Y.O.P. (Make Your Own Pizza)

Learn how to make your own pizza from scratch. Begin by making homemade dough and dress with seasonal ingredients. This class teaches the basic techniques of dough making and cooking pizza in a home oven. 


Meat is expensive; therefore home-cooks hesitate venturing outside their comfort zone. Get out of the “chicken breast” rut and learn how to cook other cuts of meat easily and effectively.  Techniques include butchering a chicken, fileting a fish and debone a pork roast. This class will teach students how to make the perfect Bolognese Sauce, Seared Pork Chops with Apricot Pan Sauce, Pan Seared Whole Chicken with Squash and Poached Fish.