Episode 21: Celery, ‘Cukes & Zucchini + Life Ripe Wines' Mary McAuley

Summer is one of the few times a year when a salad taste just right. See here my Celery, 'Cukes & Zucchini, I created with ingredients on hand about 5 minutes before my guest, sommelier, owner, and vintner of Ripe Life Wines, Mary McAuley stopped by. A Jersey Shore girl after my own heart, cheers & Happy Fourth. 

Episode 19: Buffalo Chicken Tender (Salad) + Shooting the Breese

It's "Bowl Season" and while I know nothing about that I do know that men in front of a TV love buffalo, fried or spicy anything... especially if it includes beer. I welcome two (and the first!) men I adore, Michael Calabrese and John Kibbler from the podcast Shooting the Breese to chat bowls and help me make my Buffalo Chicken Tender (Salad).

Get the recipe here: http://ashtnk.com/2oDOTT8

Episode 17: Whole Wheat Cous Cous Risotto + Lilia's Elena Besser

I love changing traditional Italian food, the little devil in me relishes taking something people already love and making it either healthier or more modern. That's what badass lady chef (of Lilia and Spoon University) do with my Whole Wheat Fall Cous Cous Risotto made with one of my favorites: The Crossings Sauvignon Blanc. Now, that's a ladies night. 

Episode 16: Honey Turmeric Labneh with Poached Eggs & Hot Butter + FourSquare's Kayleigh Harrington

A long time ago, I met a (French) woman at Haven's Kitchen that ate honey turmeric toast every single morning - and she was gorgeous and chic and amazing. This dish is inspired by her. Join me and Foursquare's Kayleigh Harrington as we girl talk and make Honey Turmeric Labneh with Poached Eggs & Hot Butter.

Episode 15: Radish Top Pesto with Radishes + Squash & Zucchini Carpaccio with Maman's Elisa Marshall

A few years ago I had the privilege of working with and befriending the owner of Maman, a French-inspired cafe serving the best chocolate chip cookies in the city. Flash forward and there are locations popping up every minute, including the new Maman Marché and a restaurant popup in Paris. Hang as we chat and cook two end-of-summer inspired "French-ish" dishes, Radish Top Pesto with Radishes and Squash and Zucchini Carpaccio.

Episode 14: Grilled Mexican Street Corn Salad + The Wellness Project's Phoebe Lapine

Who doesn't love Phoebe Lapine? No one, that's who. We are savoring (literally) the last bits of summer and talking about her new book, The Wellness Project, diving into all things "better for you but not extreme" in beauty, food, and even fertility. Also, we make this Grilled Mexican Street Corn Salad.

Episode 12: Strawberry Tomato Rosé Mussels + HuffPo's Kiki Von Glinow

Lady mussels are sweeter. For real. Learn all about Kiki Von Glinow and her adventures predicting trends at HuffPo along with why rosé is good in everything, people you date shouldn't admit to stalking you online and why lady mussels are sweeter than male mussels. Snag this embarrassingly millennial pink recipe for Strawberry Tomato Rosé Mussels. Happy Fourth of July!

Episode 11: Seared Radishes with Mint + Cork Dork's Bianca Bosker

Bianca Bosker, author of Cork Dork, is easily the most relatable and hilarious wine experts of our generation. Kind, smart and unassumingly brilliant when it comes to all things... but especially wine. This 5 minutes warm salad of Seared Radishes with Mint stuns and surprises her, almost as much as the 6 pack of Bud Light tall boys in my refrigerator. 

Episode 7: Seared Eggplant Toast + The Chew's, Kelly Janke

This was totally not what I planned to make with Kelly Janke, my food stylist colleague but... I had a really great lunch and as gifted a bomb.com pan and just needed to make these Seared Eggplant Toasts to celebrate spring feeling like summer. Learn how her and I are BFFs, not only with each other but with Meryl Streep. 

Episode 5: Lamb Labneh Flatbread + NBC's Today's Show, Carter McKay

For someone who gets up at 3 AM, she's sure bubbly! Join my friend and NBC's TODAY Show producer, Carter McKay, and I as we make Lamb Labneh Flatbreads (/set off a NYC apartment smoke alarm) and giggle about what our herbal spirit animal is. Let's just say, I'm 100% with her on "sage" "shopping at Club Monaco." 

Episode 3: Spring Couscous + Travel, Fit, Love's, Shelby Albo

I've never had an issue about walking up to someone and saying, "Let's be friends." Shelby Albo is a perfect example of this. Fitness & travel expert by day, Shelby and I giggle about how we met (Bari), my tendency towards klutziness and what happens when a bag of frozen peas ends up on your floor. This recipe [Spring Cous Cous] is ideal for anyone looking to not turn on the stove or spend hours in the kitchen = everyone.