Pies! Tonight 9/26

Creating desserts is one of my favorite things to do, and I am sharing that experience with everyone in the teaching kitchen next Wednesday, September 26thfrom 7- 9 PM. This Pies! class allows students to welcome in the season, share a meal, and get their hands dirty.

There are few items that evoke the smells, tastes, and imagery of fall like pies do. Pies are actually one of the most versatile and seasonal dishes out there. Since it’s fall at Haven’s Kitchen, this class will focus on breaking down the basics of pie making and offering each student a totally hands on experience to make a double crusted apple pie from start to finish. Unfamiliar with leaf lard? After this class you won’t be. These pies will remind you of grandma’s house on a crisp fall day. And if you didn’t have a baking grandmother, you’ll wish you did!

Each student will be creating a 9” double-crusted pie to take home (don’t worry we’ll eat one in class too!), as well as a savory tart to enjoy at the end of the class.  As always, we will enjoy wine with our meal at the end of class to celebrate a job well done!

Call 212-929-7900 or email classes@havenskitchen.com to sign up.