Parson's The New School Aftertaste Event

Spring is here and that means one thing for me ... parties! New Yorkers tend to hibernate from New Year's Eve to March 1st. Even with the soaring temperatures in January (I think we had several days in the 60's), true "party season" begins when March does.

For the second year in a row I had the honor of catering Parsons The New School for Design's Aftertaste Event. In case you missed my black and white themed menu, check it out.

This year the party was an intimate cocktail party for 100 with plated and stationed canapes in the theme of Synesthesia, which included the mixing of colors, tastes and sensations for guests. Synesthesia is the neurological condition in which a person involuntarily experiences one sensory through another sensory experience. Bored yet? I promise that's just the fancy jargon.

What it meant for me was beautiful colors, textures, tastes and produce to work with. We concentrated on citrus and using the full palate of end-of-season citrus from lemon into blood orange. Check out the menu below.


Duo of Soups Lemon Butternut Squash Soup with Chives Roasted Tomato and Orange Soup with Orange Curl served in glass test tubes and garnished with pop rocks

Personal Crudite Cups served in hollowed out Amy's Bread and served with lemony herb dip

Beet Chips honey infused goat cheese, micro greens and dried kishus

Beet Blood Orange & Beet Meyer Lemon Deviled Eggs elegantly pink and yellow and served with candied lemon peels and pickled beets

Mahi Mahi Ceviche meyer lemon, black sesame seeds and watercress

Sweet Potato Sliders served with coconut meringue, candied bacon and pecans

Pork Confit Crostini shredded and served over a bed of colorful roasted baby carrots

Citrus Colored Macaroons Lemon Orange Passion Fruit

Photos are compliments of my iPhone and the very talented Lee Gibson, visit his site here.